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ADULT GAME: Sonic Inflation UPDATE

2015-11-09 20:24:31 by jimberly-chaotic


Hey everyone, this is Jimberly Chaoticâ„¢, here with a brand new post about the Sonic Inflation series!

Yes, I'm sure many of you are VERY disappointed about the fact that the trilogy came to an end early this year. I have kept true to this being the ending to the series, and I was very happy with the reception that the game received.

Recently, I met with a small group of online game developers who offered me a large sum of money to make and write another Sonic game. This game fell through, and I have been asked now to give up the "Sonic Inflation Adventure" brand to a new team of amazing game developers.

So, I come out of retirement, right now, to simply say: I'm going back into retirement. I will not be making any more Sonic Inflation games, I will not be making any more games. Period. However, there is going to be a new Sonic Inflation Adventure, created by a new team of developers, with my creative input. This new Sonic Inflation Adventure will be a larger game than the other three put together, and tells the amazing story that I always wanted to tell. 

This new team will be taking over the Newgrounds name of "Jimberly-Chaotic," and they will be incredibly faithful to the series so far. I look forward to seeing how this game will come.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Newgrounds, I would like to say, one last time, "Amen, and God Bless."

here it is you dumb fuckers...are you happy??

Hello friends of me, Mr. Jimberly Chaotic!

I just wanted to write a quick letter to all my fans out there on the internet, who have helped me through some rough times. I've received quite a few letters from you guys, and I love the positive inspiration that I receive from you all. I just wanted to say, yes, End of Sonic Inflation is the final game in the series, and I will not be touching it again. Furthermore, I will not continue creating "Sexual" games, as I can now see how they are very much a personal experience, and I feel I put my beautiful fantasies into flash form, only to see the world spit on them like some sort of cheap hoagie. I deserve better than this, I am a wonderful artist who deserves nothing but the utmost respect from the community.

Thank you to everyone who pushed me to be who I am today. I am a beautiful man and my name is Jimberly Chaotic.