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2015-06-15 20:40:31 by jimberly-chaotic

here it is you dumb fuckers...are you happy??


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2015-06-15 23:28:25

turkeybacon. woo hoo

jimberly-chaotic responds:



2015-06-17 14:52:15

Awesome Man. Don't have Time to Watch the Full Video, but I Thought from what I Watched that it's a Pretty Funny Video. Still can't Wait for that New Adventure Game though...


2015-06-18 20:41:57

i AM happy!
very HAPPY....

do more sonic inflation games, they are hillarious and very well-designed!

(plus, i love to see sonic getting in trouble for his ''strange'' fetish, lolz!) the courtroom /phoenix wright scenes are amazing, and i love the interactivity in your movies!)

in short:
do MORE sonic inflation stuff, they are hillarious, and clever! ;)
you have a good message hidden(?) in your movies, and that shows alot for you, you are great!

jimberly-chaotic responds:

sorry... im actually not making any more sonic inflation games.. thank you for the kind words however


2015-06-19 22:25:16

The hype is rl!

jimberly-chaotic responds:

its irl rl


2015-08-07 13:51:20

Fucking amazing.
If I were to rate this video on a scale from "Transformers 4" to "Dumb and Dumber 2" I would probably place it at "Okay". This was seriously the most moderately entertaining video I've ever seen, and I would urge you to create more Sonic Inflation, although I fear that I cannot convey myself as delicately in my desire for you to do so as the scholarly gentleman (chris-the-stick2) before me.
Please make more content of any kind though, the world sorely lacks your somewhat entertaining material and I fear that people will have to resort to watching 50+ part Lets Play series by Youtubers who contemplate suicide on a daily basis, without your top notch mediocre content.

Sincerely, your most lethargic fan.